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How to Build a YouTube Channel Discussing Anime and Films (Beginners)

How to Build a YouTube Channel Discussing Anime and Films (Beginners)

How to Build a YouTube Channel Discussing Anime and Films (Beginners)

GLOBAL DIGITAL TIMES | It is very difficult to create a YouTube channel that is protected by copyright (it is difficult to avoid copyright ), but quite a few people try to overcome this challenge because it has enormous potential.

In 2016, YouTubers with gaming content could be said to have experienced quite a significant increase, and also starting from 2018, artists and large companies such as television moved into the world of YouTube, this is proof that the video sharing platform or what is often called YouTube is a place that has the potential to make money.

Based on the research I did, it could be said that there are only a few channels that discuss anime or about Wibu, because those are the only channels I see, if there are any, most of the channels are about AMV or ( Anime Movie Video ).

For those of you who want to earn extra income or pocket money and happen to like anime, maybe this is your opportunity to create a YouTube channel that discusses anime or the world of women.

To illustrate (so it's easy to understand), you can see the anime discussion channel that I manage, called " telocaspoHD " or you can visit the following link https://www.youtube.com/telocaspo . If you have an idea of the YouTube channel you want to build, let's discuss the steps on how to create the content.

First, I assume you can create a YouTube channel, right? If you can't, maybe you can look for tutorials on the Internet (there are lots of them as long as you want to try). Oh yes, before it's too late, I will let you know that this discussion will be very long, so for those of you who are less interested, you can just close the tap. If you still want to continue... let's discuss it.

Equipment and Materials for Building a YouTube Channel

The things you need to have to create a YouTube channel for beginners are equipment and materials. The basic things you must have are:

1. Editing Tools

The first thing you need to have is a tool for doing video editing, this tool can be an Android smartphone or it can also be a personal computer. I myself use a computer because my Android cellphone has potato specifications or is not strong enough to do editing.

If you want to start becoming a YouTuber with a cellphone, I recommend using the Android operating system. Because by using the Android operating system, you will get a lot of support such as application compatibility for video editing.

So basically you have to have minimal editing equipment

  • Android Smartphone or,
  • Computer/Laptop
MICs and all kinds of things for recording sound are not a priority, because you can use a cellphone instead of a microphone. At the same time, if you are not confident in doing voice recording, you can also use the help of Google Voice, where your voice will sound like a robot... Yes, like a robot... hehehe .

2. Software Editing

An editing application or program is the next most needed thing, without the help of this software you cannot make a video related to discussing anime, because most anime discussions require various kinds of multimedia formats (such as images, video, audio, writing, etc.), well With the help of an editing application you can combine all the multimedia elements.

  • I myself use an editing application such as (PC version):
  • Adobe Audition (for recording sound)
  • Adobe Premier Pro (for combining multimedia elements)
  • Adobe Photoshop (to create thumbnails or covers)
  • HandBrake (to reduce video size)
  • Meanwhile, those of you who use an Android smartphone can use:
  • Kinemaster PRO (for editing)
  • Picsay PRO (for editing an image)
  • Lightroom MOD (to beautify images)
  • HandBrake Andro (to reduce video size)

3. Voice (Voice)

As in general, when you want to create a channel that discusses something, of course if there is a narrator's voice as an explanation, it will make the audience more able to enjoy the video, or understand what is being discussed. It's useless if you make a video but only contains text (without supporting media such as sound), which will prevent the audience from enjoying it.

You can use your voice as a narrator or explain what is being discussed, or if you are embarrassed you can use the help of Google Voice which comes from Google Translate, but the voice will be like this.

4. Discussion Topic

Determining a video discussion topic, before going to the production stage is very important, I myself prefer to discuss what I understand, for example I really like the story of the anime Go-Toubun no Hanayome, from here I determine the topic of discussion, namely the anime Go-Toubun no Hanayome.

My advice is that it's better to only discuss topics that we understand, I'm afraid that if we discuss topics that we don't understand, it will actually give rise to misinformation, where the information presented is invalid, or in harsh language is a HOAX.

5. Search for information & conduct research and research

To discuss a topic, it is of course very important to look for information, so that we also know more deeply about what we want to discuss. When looking for information, I usually read a Manga, Light Novel or re-watch the anime that I want to discuss. So you really understand. Not only that, I also like discussing with close friends (who share the same hobby, or the same as weebs, meaning) and also exploring outside forums.

Some of the sites or forums that I usually use to find information and do research are:
  • Myanimelist - Looking for Synopsis and Discussion
  • Fandom.com - Looking for Spoilers, Story Summary & Illustrations
  • Komikcast - Site for reading Indonesian manga
  • Novelupdate - Reading light novels
  • Reddit - Discuss with people (forum) + Ask questions
  • Maybe other sites such as Facebook groups can be used for discussions, or Instagram.

6. Look for Illustrations (Images or Videos)

Usually, to strengthen information, illustrations or pictures are needed, so that the explanation is clearer (wow... even though the explanation should be clear hehe). I myself often look for illustrations in the form of images and videos on FanArt sites or made by fans such as:
  • DevianArt
  • Wall Alphacoder
  • Zerochan
  • Instagram
There are lots of pictures on the site that you can use to clarify the narrative or information provided. But you have to do several tricks to avoid YouTube copyright, maybe in the future I will share tricks on how to easily avoid copyright, so keep watching this forum.

7. Conduct Keyword Research & Optimization

As people say, doing keyword research or optimization on both videos and channels is very necessary, because this can optimize content in search engines or often called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and can also optimize videos so that views increase.

For optimization methods, perhaps you can read the article I provided last month, or you can click the link below:
  • Complete Guide on How to Optimize SEO Videos on YouTube Channels
  • Yes, maybe the tutorial I provided cannot be used as a reference for SEO video optimization on a YouTube channel. You can also use references from SEO experts, both domestic and foreign, to optimize videos so that views increase.

8. Promote Channel

Apart from doing SEO optimization on YouTube videos, promoting your channel is also no less important to increase your audience, especially if someone likes your content, then the audience will look for customers or what is usually called a subscriber.

You can use social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as a place to promote your YouTube channel for free, or if you have a lot of money you can also advertise your channel on existing social media. This is also an alternative way to increase subscribers.

I myself use Facebook to promote every video I make, it would be nice for every YouTube channel to have a Fanspage, so that the Facebook community knows that you have updated the channel you manage (the way the video is shared on the fanspage).

  • Anime Discussion Content Production Sequence
  • The thing you need to pay attention to before creating content or videos is the sequence or steps to carry out a production, actually there are many terms such as Pre-production, Production, Post-production, but let's just consider the production process, so the first order is:
  • Determining the Discussion Topic
  • Conducting Research, Research & Searching for Information
  • Change the transcript (whatever the term) to narrative form (which is easy to understand)
  • Looking for Visual Illustrations (Images or Videos)
  • Perform voice recording of the narrative that has been created
  • Combining Visual Illustrations, Sound (Narration)
  • Preview & Rendering (change in video form)
  • Upload on video sharing platforms (YouTube & Facebook) *do not make it public*
  • Carrying out Keyword Research and Optimization
  • Post Videos and Promote Channel
  • The sequence above is what I have been doing to create video content for the YouTube account that I manage.

Challenges For Beginner YouTubers (New Channel)

Of course, all of this cannot be separated from risks and challenges, there are many obstacles that must be overcome for a channel that discusses anime or films, including:

1. Spends a lot of time

Of course, creating content will take a lot of time, because in the discussion I have to research information and then examine the information (or simply sorting language) regarding what is right and what is wrong.

In my experience so far, I can only make a video once a week, because I also have other activities in the real world. If I'm used to it or trained, I might be able to produce one video in one day, because nothing is impossible, but there is a but... maybe. the quality will decrease, both in sorting information and editing results.

So far I only make videos when I'm in the mood, the point is that I make videos because of my likes or hobbies, not because I'm forced to. For people out there who say that "Just make YouTube a hobby, don't make money" , for me this is a statement that doesn't make sense (to me, you know), because nowadays most people start YouTube to find additional income, or in simple terms find it. money.

2. Demand and Supply

Usually, when we are well known among netizens, there will definitely be various requests for future content, such as requests for future videos discussing anime with this series, that. So, the challenge here is to accept requests from the audience, where you don't understand the topic of discussion.

Yes, even though I said earlier that "I make videos because of my likes or hobbies" but when I see or read requests from viewers, like it or not I also have to master or at least understand the topic that will be discussed (yes because I use the YouTube platform as a place to search income, whether you like it or not you have to accept the request).

Here your inventory will be tested. Inventory referred to here is your readiness to discuss the content, whether you are able or not. If you ask me, like it or not, I have to understand, usually I read & watch related topics to be discussed, for example anime, then I will watch the anime until I understand, and as I explained earlier, then I do search for information, research, etc.

3. Production Costs

It could be said that the production costs for building a YouTube channel are not small, considering that it takes a lot of time as well as the equipment needed. However, I assume that you already have important or main equipment, such as a smartphone or computer. Because these are the two most core tools, I don't want to discuss the production costs incurred.

Because when you have one of the tools (Smartphone or Computer) I don't think there are any obstacles anymore, well there are... the obstacles are Laziness and Lack of Effort.

4. Copyright (copyright)

In short, Copyright is copyright, or the right to copy a work. The point is that you cannot take and use someone's work arbitrarily / without permission. The biggest serious problem or obstacle for YouTubers who discuss anime or films is copyright. There are many ways to avoid copyright on Google, but what they say doesn't work 100%, because sometimes YouTube also uses human power to check a YouTube video.

So far, the only way to avoid being subject to copyright is to use FanArt or images created by fans, not official ones. This method can prevent copyright from occurring.

Results after going through difficult times?

As the saying goes, "Work hard first, have fun later" , and also "Effort will not lie to the results" , after all the obstacles have been overcome, you will get many benefits or advantages, including:

1. Famous (Famous)

The first thing you will get after going through difficult times is Famous. If your channel has a lot of viewers, then the number of subscribers will automatically increase automatically, WHY? because the audience likes the content you create. (alternative way to increase subscribers)

When you include a social media address such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, it will also be affected, viewers who have been watching videos on your channel for a long time will slowly find out who created this channel, in the end they will too. will follow your social media accounts, the point is to be FAMOUS in the Internet world, you know.

2. Source of Income

It is normal for someone who wants to become a YouTuber to be nothing but, and not far from making money. Everyone in this world needs money to survive, when someone says "I only work on YouTube, not to make money" just try to get his Ads removed, can he still say that?

Maybe there are people who really publish their videos not to make money, but I think nowadays it's quite rare to find people like that. Apart from getting income from AdSense, usually you will also get offers or discuss how cool Endorse is, I don't know what the Endorse system is like, because I have never done it.

It's true that building a channel from scratch isn't easy, I'm tired of hearing the saying "Nothing is instant, even Instant Noodles have a process for making it" , so the point is you have to put more effort into less style.

Creating a channel for beginner YouTubers has many obstacles, perhaps the worst thing is insults from people, because in Indonesia itself Wibu is looked down upon, but with this, let's prove that Wibu is trash, meaning Wibu should not be looked down upon.

Maybe that's all from me, until we meet at the next opportunity, either on my channel or on this forum, stay cool and keep calm, final words, see you.