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GLOBAL DIGITAL TIMES | TECHNIQUE OF HOLDING THE BADMINTON RACKET IS GOOD AND CORRECT - Techniques for holding a good and correct badminton racket. Playing badminton is a game that uses a tool, namely a racket. Techniques in playing badminton are very important to learn, especially for beginners. On this occasion, good sports will discuss techniques for holding a good and correct badminton racket. 

Holding the racket correctly is the key to practicing badminton. One of the basic techniques that must be mastered by badminton players. There are several grip techniques in badminton that you can learn, namely:

1. American Grip

This technique is very standard to use and very effective because it is very easy to train. That is by placing the racket on the floor, then grab the end of the handle (handle) like holding a bed beater. The thumb and forefinger are attached to the surface of the handle and the racket is tilted parallel to the floor.
This grip technique is very effective for smashing or pushing the ball away.

2. Forehand Grip

The next gripping technique is to place the racket on the floor in an oblique position, then hold the racket in a way that holds the hand between the thumb and forefinger in a position attached to a narrow surface. The location of the thumb should not be far from the index finger.
This grip will be very strong and not easily released. This technique aims to hold back the speed of the ball coming to the right so that the ball can be returned properly.

3. Backhand Grip

The backhand grip is an advanced technique from the forehand grip. Namely by turning the racket a quarter turn to the left, the position of the thumb is a bit close to the racket leaf, 
This grip technique is very effective when hitting (smash) the ball. Because in addition to the results of hitting very hard but the direction of the ball can be more controlled.

4. Combination Grip (grip mix)

This grip technique can be done in a number of ways. Change the way you grip the racket according to the direction the ball is coming from (shuttleccok) and the type of shot you want. This technique is a combination of forehand grip and backhand grip.
In doing this grip the player does not need to change the position of the racket when hitting the ball. (shuttleccok).

So now all you have to do is practice learning to play badminton. After learning the technique of holding a badminton racket properly and correctly, you can feel changes in both gripping techniques and playing badminton in a game.

That's one of the techniques in playing badminton, namely the technique of holding a good and correct badminton racket that I can share, hopefully it's useful.