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GLOBAL DIGITAL TIMES | TABLE TENNIS SPORTS, THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD'S AND INDONESIA'S TABLE TENNIS - Table Tennis Sports, History of World and Indonesian Table Tennis . Table tennis is a popular sport in the world, almost everyone in the world has played this sport. According to Hutasuhud (1988: 4) table tennis is a type of sport that is played on a table where the ball is turned back and forth immediately by using punches. Table tennis can be played with the idea of turning the ball on as long as possible and may be played as quickly as possible to kill the opponent's game, depending on the goal of the game itself.

The game of table tennis was originally known as a light relationship for the community. But where did this game come from when and who first created it, information was obtained from several sources as follows:
The history of table tennis begins in ancient times, originating from Iran. This game is played by using wood as a tool to hit the ball, and the ball is made of animal intestines filled with wind. History continues with the ancient French, around the XII century, whose balls were made of dictated paper and beaten by hand. Another history mentions that the Indians used a feather-winged ball and a wooden beater wrapped in deer skin.

Table tennis is said to be the biological child of court tennis. in the 1870s and 1880s center court tennis reached popularity in continental Europe and America. Inspired by the success of this game, people are interested in making innovations by playing it indoors.

It was an English man named David Foster who first took the initiative to play table tennis in 1890. However, the device introduced by Foster did not yet use a bat and ball as we know it today. Apparently not only Foster who has a similar initiative. still in England, someone made a similar innovation but not the same as Foster. Her name is Emma Barker. He introduced the sport of table tennis by using a table shaped like a tennis court, a racket tied to his hand as a bat, with rules resembling a tennis court. Barker patented his innovation in America on January 21, 1891 the game was named Inndor Tennis.

Simultaneously with this came the name ''Ping Pong'', a company called Parker Brothers who gave rise to the name ping pong while introducing a ball made of celluloid and patenting the name ''Ping Pong'' on September 20, 1900. The word ping pong comes from the sound of a celluloid ball reflecting when played on the table and hit the bet.

The international parent organization for table tennis is the ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation), which was founded in 1926. This organization oversees all table tennis organizations in the world and the ITTF also issues table tennis rules that must be obeyed by all countries. After he was old enough, this game spread and became popular in Asia, especially Japan, Korea and China, it was said that the British army spread the game. 

The history of table tennis in Indonesia was only known in 1930, at that time it was only held in the bale-bale of Dutch meetings as a recreational game. Before World War II broke out,  in 1939 to be precise, table tennis figures founded PPPSI (All Indonesian Ping Pong Association). In 1958 at its congress in Surakarta PPPSI changed its name to PTMSI (All Indonesia Table Tennis Regulations). In 1960 PTMSI became a member of the Asian table tennis federation, namely TTFA (Table Tennis Federation of Asia).

The development of table tennis in Indonesia since the establishment of PTMSI until now can be said to be quite rapid. Table tennis is often competed at both national and international levels. Indonesia has always been invited to official world championships after Indonesia was registered as a member of the ITTF in 1961. Apart from these match activities, another thing worth noting in the development of national table tennis is the establishment of SILATAMA (Main Table Tennis Circuit) .  Which started in early 983, which is held every 3 months and Silataruna whose activities began in 1986 every 6 months.

That is material about table tennis, the history of table tennis in the world and Indonesia that I can share, hopefully it will be useful.