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How to Overcome Errors in the Windows 11 Snipping Tool

How to Overcome Errors in the Windows 11 Snipping Tool

How to Overcome Errors in the Windows 11 Snipping Tool

GLOBAL DIGITAL TIMES | The snipping tool in Windows can be helpful in certain situations, especially for taking screenshots and cropping images on a computer/laptop. However, it turns out that when this application is wanted to be used, it experiences an error or cannot be used or cannot be opened.

Of course, every problem has a solution, we just have to find it or not.

Windows 11 was released in October 2021, but several bugs occurred but Microsoft as the manufacturer has not fixed the problem. But there are many factors and reasons this can happen.

Errors presented in the snipping tool system, for example, are one of the reasons users feel emotional. If this also happens to you, you can stay calm, because this problem has a solution.

So that you don't get bored reading and want to immediately find out why the Snipping Tool isn't working, see how to deal with the snipping tool application that has the following error.

Time required: 3 minutes.

The following methods for dealing with snipping tool errors are quoted from the Windows community itself and tested by us:
  • Click the Windows icon in the bottom bar and select " Settings "
  • Click the " Time & Language " menu located on the left side of the screen, then open " Date & time " which is the first option of that menu
  • Press the button next to " Set the time automatically " to disable this setting
  • Under, " Set the date and time manually ", click the " Change " button, change it to January 1, 2023 or an earlier date. Then click " Change " again
  • Please open the snipping tool again.

Alternative method

If the tutorial above didn't help, other ways to deal with the snipping tool error have been provided by other users on the Windows community forums. See below:
  • Click the " Windows logo + E " button on the keyboard and open “ Local Disk ”
  • In the " Windows.old " folder, select " Windows " and then " System32 "
  • To find it quickly, type in the search field " SnippingTool.exe " and double-click it to open. This makes the program run normally.
  • Done, the snipping tool problem is also finished.

For those who like practicality, Windows also has a shortcut for taking screenshots on the computer :
  • Windows Logo + Print Screen (PRTSC SYSRQ).
  • Windows logo + Shift + S.
  • Alt + Print Screen (PRTSC SYSRQ).

Snipping Tool storage folder

If you want to know where the results of the Snipping Tool are stored, by default they are stored in the Pictures folder in Libraries.

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