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GLOBAL DIGITAL TIMES | CIMANDE PENCAK SILAT SELF-ARTS SPORTS - Cimande Pencak Silat Martial Arts Sports. Cimande martial arts is a type of martial arts sport that is very thick with cultural values. Prioritizing noble values and norms and upholding civilization passed down from generation to generation by cimande ancestors.

Abah khaer was the person who first declared cimande martial arts to the public and at the same time abah khaer also created cimande martial arts. He is a champion from the Sundanese Tatar who succeeded in preserving Sundanese culture through the martial art of pencak silat which became known as the cimande school and until now pencak silat has become one of the icons of the Indonesian nation and Sundanese cultural identity.

In the middle of the XVIII century or around 1760. Abah khaer first introduced his martial arts moves to his students who at that time still used the term maenpo which means self-defense. The Cimande school itself was taken from the name of the place where Abah Khaer lived at that time, namely Kampung Cimande.

As time went on, Cimande Pencak Silat expanded widely through its students to outside the region. It is extraordinary that the Cimande martial art has become very famous because Cimande silat does not only study fighting techniques but has a very noble value in it. Known as the term talek which means philosophical, rules, or code of ethics from the Cimande school, it is able to show life values ​​and moral meanings that are spirited in harmony with Pancasila.

Many powerful moves were born from the Cimande hermitage, namely kelid, selup, pamonyet, tungkup selup, serong teeth, tangkeupan, bolang baling, overlapping sabeulah, overlapping two, throwing kelid dibeulah, sambeuran, kelid overlapping pamonyet, pangerodan, teke, tewak teke , tewakan, tewak jero, turugtug, ajulan, kelid overlapping pieces, scraped pamonyet, overly tilu, and pakalah.

Wow..!! if we pay attention to the names of the moves, they are very unique, aren't they... But that is one of the characteristics of the cultural identity inherent in silat cimande. One of the famous and legendary moves is the Tiger move (pamacan), the monkey move (Pamonyet), and the swordsman move (Makarang monkey). Even though the names of the moves are unusual, there is a very deep moral message in each of the moves. 

So that's a little that I can share about the sport of martial arts, hopefully it's useful.