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6 Tips to be loved more by your partner and others


6 Tips to be loved more by your partner and others

Global Digital Times | 6 Tips to be loved more by your partner and others - There are some psychological secrets that can make you loved and liked by everyone, especially your partner

1. Make good eye contact

Harvard psychologist Zick Rubin conducted a study in which he recorded how much time lovers would spend staring at each other, he found that individuals who were not in love would stare and stare 30% to 60% of the time.

While couples who love each other, they will look into each other's eyes with a percentage of up to 75% when talking and when someone else is disturbing them or just passing by they will ignore it, as the saying goes, the world only belongs to the two of them.

A small thing to really make someone love you, then look your partner in the eye at least 75% every time there is a chance. Because the brain will remember, when was the last time someone they love looked at them in the same way they will associate this look with the feeling of love, why? Because this beautiful memory causes the release of phenylethylamine which is known as the love drug.

phenylethylamine is released in the brain when a person falls in love, this chemical also mimics the brain chemistry of someone who is in love, chocolate contains phenylethylamine which is probably why it was historically considered an aphrodisiac. This is probably one of the reasons why chocolate is used as a gift on Valentine's Day. 

2. Choose a date location with dim lights

When deciding on a date location, it may be a good idea to choose one with dim lighting. In a significant research study published in the scientific journal researchers in America, researchers showed two men the same photos of women. In one of the pictures the researcher resized the pupils of her eyes to make them slightly larger, while in the other they adjusted them so she had smaller pupils.

From this picture, none of the men pay attention to photos of women with small pupils, they tend to see women with large pupils. When asked the reason, women with small pupils are described as cold, hard, and selfish, while women with larger pupils are described as softer, more feminine and of course beautiful.

Many further studies had the same result. In terms of women's preference, on pupil size studies show they are similar in several ways. These findings seem to indicate that women who like nice guys tend to have moderate pupil sizes while those who like bad guys are attracted to larger pupils. basically we can't control our pupil size but dimming the lights will increase your pupil size. 

3. Don't be afraid to smile 

When you feel like smiling, don't be afraid to show that sweet smile. A study published in the Bulletin of the Psychonomic Society, found that smiling makes you more likeable. According to experimental research, women who smile 70% of the time appear to be more attractive interpersonally than women who rarely smile. So, for those of you who want to be liked by your partner or other people, start showing a gentle smile.

4. Frequently touch it gently

In experiments from the University of Mississippi and Rhodes colleges, college researchers asked waiters in a restaurant to briefly touch a customer's hand or shoulder in a controlled but natural setting. 

Waitresses who casually touch their customers when returning change indicate that waiters will receive a much larger tip than those who do not. In another study, published in Psychological Press, the Taylor & Francis group had a man stand on a street corner and try to talk to a woman who passed by him. 

The results showed that men were more successful at starting a conversation with women when they gently touched her on the arm for one second. As stated by researchers, showing that invitations to date from a man are more liked and easily accepted by women when accompanied by light touches and caresses there may just make your partner more romantically attracted to you.

5. Have a meaningful discussion about yourself and him

Research from Harvard found that deep conversations, and self-talk, can help activate the same parts of your brain as food or love. This study states that over a 45-minute period, paired subjects performed self-disclosure and relationship-building tasks that could gradually increase in intensity. 

Study one found greater post-interaction closeness to these tasks than a comparable small talk task. So, having a more meaningful discussion or chat will be able to increase your partner's passion, when you two and express your true feelings to each other will make your partner like you more and the good thing is maybe your partner will immediately fall in love.

6. Have a good sense of humor

Having a good sense of humor will be liked by everyone and in relationships laughing and a little sense of humor can improve relationships. Researchers from the University of Illinois and the University of Depaul in their study found that when you use humor when getting to know an acquaintance initially, the individual has a better chance of liking you more. They've even found that getting involved in cute things can increase romantic attraction. So do you see love in your future? who will you fall in love with?